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Skid Row Deaths Of 1963 Echoes Today's Opioid Crisis

Skid Row Deaths Of 1963 Echoes Today’s Opioid Crisis

September 8, 2017  |  Vantage

Steve Metraux takes a look at the "Canned Heat Wave" poisoning of 1963 that took the lives of 31 people on Skid Row. The public health scholar says the parallels between this tragic incident and Kensington's opioid crisis is telling > more

The Barroom Brawl That Changed Chinatown

The Barroom Brawl That Changed Chinatown

June 29, 2017  |  Vantage

In 1973, a battle ensued between a boozehound bar and the residents of Chinatown. The outcome would change the course of the neighborhood forever. Contributor Steve Metraux has the story > more

Digging Up Vine Street In Search Of Old Skid Row

Digging Up Vine Street In Search Of Old Skid Row

April 26, 2017  |  Vantage

Public health scholar Steve Metraux exhumes the heart of Philadelphia's Skid Row, buried under the Vine Street Expressway by the hands of urban renewal. > more

On Preserving Bacon’s Neighborhood

On Preserving Bacon’s Neighborhood

November 7, 2016  |  Morning Blend

Thoughts on saving the inauthentic authenticity of Society Hill; water main breaks, again, in East Falls; and Southwark Elementary to hatch dragon schoolyard design > more

A Look At Temple University's Demolition History

A Look At Temple University’s Demolition History

March 18, 2015  |  Vantage

Philadelphia preservationists have taken a wrecking ball to the gut in recent days, with the Boyd Theatre currently coming down and the fate of the legendary Blue Horizon sealed by the Philadelphia Historical Commission's choice to not designate its interior. Meanwhile, just up North Broad Street, Temple University is in the midst of a demolition spree, in some cases with no plans to replace what it's knocking down. Rachel Hildebrandt surveys what's been lost through almost 70 years of campus expansion > more