Editorial Policies

Hidden City Daily Statement of Journalistic Independence

The Hidden City Daily recognizes the many complexities of contemporary journalism. We are
part of a nonprofit organization that relies on contributions from businesses, corporations, public
sector agencies, foundations, and individuals, some of whom we cover in our reporting. Given
this fact, we offer the following disclosures and editorial policies in the interest of mitigating
conflict of interest, promoting transparency, and maintaining our status as a platform for
independent journalism.


• We disclose the donor names and giving levels related to all gifts, grants, and
contributions, both cash and in-kind on an ongoing basis. A list of our current supporters
is found HERE.

• The Hidden City Daily maintains editorial independence from its sister programs
under Hidden City Philadelphia, namely its tours, events, educational programs, and
festival. We will not pursue a news, investigation, or feature story solely on the basis of its
connection to one of these programs. In those instances when we do cover such stories,
we will disclose the relationship of the story to the program, declare the separation of
programs, and apply the same journalism standards we apply to all news, investigation,
and features stories.

• As we publish criticism of art, architecture, and urban design, we retain our
independence to judge work relating to supporters, board members, their employees, and
their students openly, honestly, and fairly.

Unless fully disclosed for a specific project related to one of our other programs, the
Hidden City Daily does not publish sponsored content or infomercials. Editors will never
solicit donations in return for news, features, or any other kind of coverage.

Editors give writers and photographers journalistic freedom to report news, investigation,
and features without prejudice toward donors or their representatives.


• Hidden City Philadelphia is a project of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia, our fiscal sponsor. CultureTrust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

• CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia is governed by a Board of Directors,
whose names and affiliations may be found HERE.

• In accordance with law, Hidden City Philadelphia solicits grants, contributions,
sponsorships and other support, both cash and in-kind, on an ongoing basis. The
organization also charges admission for select public programs, such as tours, events,
workshops, and educational programs.

• Hidden City Philadelphia is in full compliance and good standing with all city, state, and
federal agencies and charity regulators, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations (BCO).

Commenting on Articles

The editorial staff of the Hidden City Daily reserves the right to review, edit, and respond to comments. Staff reserve the right to decide if a comment should be published. We seek comments on our articles that respond to the ideas and issues presented in the articles and that do not seek to target or vilify other commenters. Comments should be based on fact and not conjecture. Comments should remain free of insult, name-calling, threats, and should never demonstrate personal disrespect for our writers and photographers and other readers and commenters.