Smiling in South Philly at the Eagles Super Bowl Parade

February 8, 2018 | by Michael Bixler

 Last Sunday’s Super Bowl game was nothing short of magical. The celebration that followed at City Hall will never be matched. The Eagles won their first NFL title in 57 years, and Philadelphians threw one of the craziest parties in modern American history. Released to the past are the bruised egos, the chipped shoulders, the bad “attytoods,” and the decades of miserable letdowns. We are now all champions beaming with genuine brotherly love thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles, gushing hyperbole intended.

The following photos were taken of people in the crowd on Broad Street down in South Philly during today’s Super Bowl parade. I have never seen so many happy people, and so much unified civic pride, in one place. I dare say that today was the day that the city of Philadelphia truly fell in love with itself again.

Nothing but sunshine and smiling faces in South Philly during the Eagles Super Bowl parade. Photographs by Michael Bixler.


About the Author

Michael Bixler is a writer, editor, and photographer engaged in dialogue and documentation of the built environment and how it relates to history, culture, and the urban experience. He is the editorial director and chief photographer of Hidden City Philadelphia.


  1. Meg says:

    I’m not really an Eagles fan, or a football fan of any stripe, but I have always been a Philadelphia fan, and I love seeing these photos of “our” city at its best!

  2. Yo Tone says:

    Our great City of Philadelphia will be basking all winter long in the warmth of a long awaited Championship that unified the entire Delaware Valley. Thanks Eagles for lifting up an entire city on your wings of victory!

  3. Davis says:

    These are great, Mr Bixler. Thank you!

  4. Jim Clark says:

    Can’t believe it, the Eagles did it! Finally. Great bunch of pictures, thank you.

  5. S says:

    I love it! It makes me so happy to see our city in a good mood.

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