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Is This The Train Tragedy We'll Learn From? (Updated)

Is This The Train Tragedy We’ll Learn From? (Updated)

May 13, 2015  |  History

It's hard to imagine last night's Amtrak tragedy being any worse when at least seven people are confirmed dead. But the derailed Train 188 stopped just shy of a parked oil train. Brad Maule ponders the disinvestment of both Amtrak and infrastructure—and the increase in both Amtrak ridership and oil train frequency > more

The Monument Men

The Monument Men

July 9, 2014  |  History

As the Bartram's Mile phase of the Schuylkill Banks development inches closer, the fate of the Newkirk Viaduct Monument remains unclear. Brad Peniston revisits the 176-year-old obelisk to learn more about the people inscribed on its base—and why they're important to remember > more

Searching For The Lost South Philadelphia Improvements Under The 25th Street Elevated

Searching For The Lost South Philadelphia Improvements Under The 25th Street Elevated

February 18, 2014  |  History

On the west side of South Philly, the 25th Street Elevated rail viaduct clearly defines it the boundaries of the Grays Ferry and Point Breeze neighborhoods. Over a dozen trains, including oil trains like the one that derailed over the Schuylkill River recently, rumble its weathering 86-year-old bones every day. Chris Dougherty goes back a century to find the Elevated’s origins in the heyday of the rail industry—and civic reform > more

Endangered: Manayunk's Historic Shawmont Station

Endangered: Manayunk’s Historic Shawmont Station

December 11, 2013  |  Preservation

Historic? Yes, this one is. SEPTA's Shawmont Station, closed since 1996, is the oldest railway station in the U.S. It marked the birth of the single industry that would transform the city. Mike Szilagyi reports on its significance and ongoing attempts to save it > more

Tracing The 'Chinese Wall' In Center City

Tracing The ‘Chinese Wall’ In Center City

October 2, 2013  |  History

Center City's highrise corridor is, relative to Philadelphia's 17th century origins, very young. Shadowbat turns back pages and goes underground to find the Pennsylvania Railroad's "Chinese Wall" foundations between Broad Street and 30th Street Station > more