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A Monumental Shift At Dilworth Park

A Monumental Shift At Dilworth Park

October 24, 2014  |  Art & Design

Olin's design for Dilworth Park gives Philadelphia what it has long struggled for: a suitably grand approach to the monumental City Hall, says Hidden City co-editor Nathaniel Popkin. Here's his review of the park, now essentially complete > more

Dilworth Park, On Balance

Dilworth Park, On Balance

September 16, 2014  |  Art & Design

The new Dilworth Park at City Hall has drawn a considerable amount of criticism since opening last week. Despite a few misgivings, Michael Bixler thinks that there may be a silver lining: inclusive, public appeal > more


Official “Marriage” Of Reading Viaduct Advocates

October 18, 2013  |  Development

The decade-old Reading Viaduct Project will merge with Friends of the Rail Park to help manage the first phase of the park, set for construction next year, and to work toward the vision of a combined elevated-submerged three mile linear park > more

Parking On Eakins Oval To Go Finally In Parkway Shift

Parking On Eakins Oval To Go Finally In Parkway Shift

February 5, 2013  |  Art & Design

Will small interventions add up? Four underutilized public spaces to be transformed according to a new plan unveiled last night. Yesterday Greg Meckstroth caught up with parks commissioner Michael DiBerardinis for insight into the plan, which was unveiled last night > more

If The Parkway Were A Pizza, It'd Be Awfully Plain

If The Parkway Were A Pizza, It’d Be Awfully Plain

November 29, 2012  |  Urbanism

The Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the city's most prominent "institutional ghetto," is at a key juncture says urban designer Greg Meckstroth. An "action plan" being crafted by the City will create some liveliness, but more transformational investment is ultimately needed > more