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New Exhibition Gives Movement To The Philadelphia School

New Exhibition Gives Movement To The Philadelphia School

March 17, 2017  |  Architecture

Two fans of Modernism re-evaluate architectural history with the exhibition, "What Was the Philadelphia School?" > more

Reassessing Horace Trumbauer

Reassessing Horace Trumbauer

April 22, 2016  |  Architecture

Architect Horace Trumbauer left an indelible mark on the city's landscape, yet even today he remains largely underrated. Karen Chernick talks with Bruce Laverty, curator of architecture at the Athenaeum of Philadelphia, about the man behind some of Philadelphia's most iconic architecture > more

Hangin' With The Ghosts Under City Hall

Hangin’ With The Ghosts Under City Hall

April 26, 2013  |  Photography

Riding shotgun with Sam Robinson on the City Hall basement beat, Brad Maule lugs his camera and tripod through narrow corridors and dank dungeons for this set of unusual photos of the oft-photographed building > more

Digging In The City's Basement

Digging In The City’s Basement

April 26, 2013  |  History

To really find out how power is wielded at Broad & Market, Sam Robinson gets to the bottom—literally, into the basement—of City Hall > more

Keeping Time On The City's Watch

Keeping Time On The City’s Watch

April 11, 2013  |  History

The 26' clocks on City Hall tower—four of them—keep pretty good time, don't they? Sam Robinson goes inside the clocks to find out how that happens > more