Research & Image Requests

Photo: Bradley Maule

Photo: Bradley Maule

Hidden City has developed a large base of historical research, bibliographies, and relationships with oral historians, scholars, and other experts on a diversity of topics and places in Philadelphia.

We also have an archive of more than 8,000 photographs of sites and the urban landscape, not to mention a network of photographers and urban documentarians, each with their own extensive collections.

Whether you are looking for a specific photo, research dossier, or simply advice on which experts to contact, we can help you out. Our work in this area falls into three kinds of engagement.

  1. Referrals & Questions (free with membership): If it’s an easy referral or question, we’re happy to assist cost-free, so long as you are a member (at some level) of Hidden City
  2. Our Photos & Research (some licensing costs): Requests for photographs and existing research that are owned by Hidden City may carry licensing fees depending on how you wish to use these resources.
  3. Custom Research Requests (fee for service): We can assist with more extensive, customized research or documentation requests, which will carry a modest fee based on scope and urgency.

For assistance, contact our Site & Community Relations Director Pete Woodall at