Location Scouting

Leveraging our relationships and large inventory of remarkable places, we can help the creative community–both for-profit and nonprofit–find locations and potential partnerships for projects.

Whether it is a film or photo shoot, a concert, theatre production, or other project, we can help find the right location, matching your desired atmosphere, physical requirements, budget, and logistical needs with the right space and set of potential community partners.

We can help with advice and support concerning the challenges of working in nontraditional spaces, such as site assessment, permitting, life safety, technical outfitting, logistics, and general contracting. We also have a small group of specialized professionals (architects, engineers, insurance brokers, and attorneys) to whom we can connect you for additional assistance.

To date Hidden City has worked with a broad range of artists, creative entrepreneurs and companies large and small, from AEG Entertainment to New Paradise Laboratories. Costs for this service vary depending on the scope and needs of the project.

For more information, contact our Site & Community Relations Director Peter Woodall at pwoodall@hiddencityphila.org