Frequently Asked Questions

How many proposals can I submit?

We are looking for serious, well-considered proposals that center a project on a particular place. To this end, we encourage you to develop an extensive plan for a specific site. Should you wish to make an additional submission, we will accept up to two submissions per proposer.

How many projects will be presented at each site?

Each site will serve as the location for one project, though that project may entail multiple events, stagings, spaces or programs that make up a complete project.

Does Hidden City own my artistic/intellectual property at the end of the Festival?

No, you own the rights to your artwork at the conclusion of the festival. However, Hidden City Philadelphia reserves the right to publicize and promote the organization, festival and projects through photos, text, video and other forms of documentation of you work.

Does Hidden City provide insurance for me, my co-workers, and my work?

Hidden City Philadelphia provides basic insurance for artwork and installation objects, as well as coverage for artists, performers and their collaborators while working on site at their project location during the 2013 Festival.

May I visit the sites before submitting my proposal?

No, if the visit requires special appointments or access. Due to the amount of submissions as well as environmental, safety or other concerns of the prospective sites, you are asked not to contact site owners, employees or to visit the sites. Certain sites may have public visiting hours. In this case, we encourage you to visit during regular opening hours. Once a project has been accepted, we will facilitate on-site visits.

How much does Hidden City invest in each project?

Artist fees typically start at $5,000 per artist. In addition to the artist fee, our base investment per site will cover the cost of a site manager, docent, and any permitting and life safety measures (if needed), as well as production costs. This base investment can range between $10,000 and $40,000 per site, depending on the needs of the project and the mix of cash and in-kind project support obtained. We will also work to secure co-producing partners. Co-produced project budgets for the 2009 Festival ranged from $25,000 to $120,000 per project, which included in all cases substantial investments from producing partners

Where does Hidden City’s support come from?

Hidden City works to fund projects through grants, sponsorships, and other revenues, as well as through partnerships with local organizations.

What happens to my materials and proposal after the call?

Any ideas you submit we consider to remain your intellectual property and will not be published without your permission. Ideas will be reviewed only by Hidden City staff and advisory committees. If you are not chosen to participate in the Festival, we recognize that you may still wish to realize your idea under a different circumstance. Materials submitted will not be returned. We will delete or destroy all project proposals after the close of the Festival.

Do I have rights to any photographs or other documentation made of my work?

Yes, part of our agreement with our photographers and videographers is that artists may obtain copies of documentation free of charge for archival and promotional use only. Other commercial uses, such as a catalogue publication, will require additional permissions and licensing arrangements, depending on the photographer or videographer.

What kind of catalogue or publication is Hidden City envisioning for 2013?

Hidden City published an artists’ book catalogue following the first Festival in 2009. The publication for 2013 will likely be very different, and may blend aspects of an artist book with a more evergreen and expansive treatment of the Festival and Hidden City as a whole. Conversations are currently under way with several prospective co-publishers, including a major Philadelphia academic press.