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Shannon McLain

Shannon McLain has been involved at every possible level in the utilization, documentation, and exploration of the Hassrick House as a platform for learning at Jefferson University. From her time as a 2nd year student making field measurements, a 3rd year student recruiting others to continue the work, giving tours to a 4th year student providing tours to Thom Mayne, to funding scholarly research and publication of her and her fellow students experiences. It is likely there isn’t an inch of the house she has not measured, read about, written about, or emailed another student to photograph. McLain has been a steadfast supporter of the preservation and education work at the Hassrick House, the architecture program, and the College of Architecture and the Built Environment.

Op-ed: Lessons Learned & Magic Found At Neutra's Hassrick House In East Falls

Op-ed: Lessons Learned & Magic Found At Neutra’s Hassrick House In East Falls

April 30, 2019  |  Soapbox

In this personal essay Jefferson University architecture student Shannon McLain gives a passionate account of the student-led effort to preserve a mid-century modern home on Cherry Lane. > more