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Katrina Ohstrom

Katrina Ohstrom moved to Philadelphia nearly a decade ago where, constantly armed with at least one camera, she goes about her daily business and photographs anything that catches her eye. Her ongoing documentary projects include visual catalogs of the post-industrial wonderland that exists within the city she calls home, sub-sub underground experimental music and it’s players, and the humans behind the scenes in cat and dog show culture. In her spare time she enjoys, collecting animal skulls, conspiracy theories, gardening and long walks with her dog.

At Bok Tech, School's Out Forever

At Bok Tech, School’s Out Forever

June 21, 2013  |  Photography

This final day of school doubles as the final day of service for 23 public school buildings across the city. It's the sad end to a chapter written by students, teachers, alumni, and communities. Katrina Ohstrom brings us images of South Philly's Bok Tech final days on the clock > more

Spare A Dime For Bok's Memories: WPA Play Begins Tonight

Spare A Dime For Bok’s Memories: WPA Play Begins Tonight

April 18, 2013  |  Art & Design

The group CosaCosa brings the politics of the New Deal into a New Deal-funded auditorium in a school about to close--a song cycle for a cycle of economics and politics. Katrina Ohstrom previews the PIFA performance in words and photos > more

Great Depression To Great Recession: The Life And Death Of Bok High

Great Depression To Great Recession: The Life And Death Of Bok High

April 17, 2013  |  Photography

A lens on American education policy at Bok, one of the only school buildings in the city to have been built completely by the WPA. Its closing leaves a students adrift and the future of vocational education in doubt. Katrina Ohstrom has the story and photos > more

Kensington is for Lovers

Kensington is for Lovers

February 14, 2012  |  Photography

Join Kensington resident Katrina Ohstrom as she finds the holiday spirit alive and well in her neighborhood > more

Game Change At Occupy Philly

Game Change At Occupy Philly

November 14, 2011  |  Development

The OP vote to stay at Dilworth, an alleged rape, and the Mayor's reaction. Plus: watch the OP's response press conference live now. > more