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Happy New Year from Hidden City

January 4, 2021 | by Hidden City Staff

1958: Motorists using the newest link of the Schuylkill Expressway (foreground) get a clear view of the city’s Merry Christmas and Happy New Year sign posted on the Girard Avenue Bridge. | Image courtesy of Temple University Libraries, Special Collections Research Center.

We are feeling some serious love as we near the finish line of our 2020 fund drive. What a truly difficult year it has been. The economic impact of the pandemic continues to take a dangerous toll on the livelihoods of fellow Philadelphians, local businesses, and arts and culture nonprofits like us.

On March 12 we decided to close our tour program, well before the non-essential citywide shutdown, as a preventive measure to keep our attendees and tour guides safe from COVID-19. As a result, we lost crucial operations revenue, funds that we desperately count on and will not recover as our tours and other important revenue streams remain in limbo through the winter.

To ensure Hidden City survives in 2021, we had to slash our monthly publishing budget in less than half and cut our two full time employees’ monthly incomes to part-time, while still working full time to keep our ship on a steady course. These were very tough decisions to make, and the financial impact they have had on our writers, tour guides, and staff members have been extremely challenging.

And yet, during one of the worst years in American history, we have soldiered on with you all every step of the way, providing free content, timely commentary, and cool photos of Philly to help ease the anxiety of our upended day-to-day lives.

All contributions made to our annual fund drive will enable us celebrate a decade of publishing the Hidden City Daily in 2021 and go directly to pay our writers, photographers, and editors. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who gave this year and to those who promoted the fundraiser through personal social media posts, shares, stories, and tweets. We couldn’t have done it without your help.

We will be back in the saddle on January 19. In the meantime, catch up on stories you may have missed and check out what we are up to on Instagram.

Happy New Year and warmest regards,

Michael Bixler and Peter Woodall


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