You Can Turn $10,000 Into $20,000 For The Hidden City Daily; Here’s 15 Reasons Great Why

December 15, 2017 | by Hidden City Staff



From our office window inside CultureWorks, the Hale Building (Keystone National Bank) edges closer to full restoration | Photo: Nathaniel Popkin

An anonymous Hidden City benefactor has offered $10,000 in support of our in-depth coverage of Philadelphia’s rapidly changing built environment, providing a dollar-for-dollar match until the end of the campaign on December 31. We’re thrilled, of course: This is the largest private donation we’ve received for our non-profit journalism. But the stakes are high and we’re counting on you.

Give now to support in-depth coverage of Philadelphia’s changing built environment and double the money!

You may have noticed: recently we’ve been working hard to deliver focused and timely news and analysis on on preservation, public space, and real estate development. If this gift is matched we’ll be able accelerate this work, keeping you informed and aware, but also helping you to understand what’s at stake. At Hidden City we give you context and depth of observation you won’t receive elsewhere.

Need more reasons to donate now and double the impact? Here are 15 of our best stories of 2017, reporting and photography thanks to reader support on a super lean budget!

We hope you agree these 15 reasons are enough to say: Yes, let’s do some more in 2018! More architecture, more history, more photography, more trips inside places you’ve never been before. Give now, double your impact, and keep the Hidden City Daily on track for 150 new stories in the new year.


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