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December 23, 2016 | by Hidden City Staff


Dear Readers,

The Hidden City Daily is taking a short holiday break beginning today, but our Fall Campaign is still going strong. To keep publishing in 2017 we still need $6,000 in donations to make our goal. We have eight more days until our annual operations budget fundraiser ends at 11:59PM on December 31. 

Help us ring in the the New Year on the right foot and make a donation TODAY

We will be back at our post on January 3. Until then, enjoy the following collection of our favorite photographs from stories in 2016 (and while you’re at it check out last year’s crop HERE.)

Happy holidays and warmest regards,
Nathaniel, Peter, Michael, Bradley, co-editors


From “Crane City 2016,” by Bradley Maule. | Photo: Bradley Maule

From “Fade And A Shave: Inside Philly’s Black Barbershops,” by Theresa Stigale. | Photo: Theresa Stigale

From “Making a Molehill Out of Mt. Sinai,” by Michael Bixler. | Photo: Michael Bixler

From “Hidden Lens: Under The Spell Of A City Abstracted,” by Michael Bixler. | Photo: Rob Lybeck

From “John Gallery Discusses The Latest Edition Of Philadelphia Architecture,” by Nathaniel Popkin. | Photo: Peter Woodall

From “Ailing Rec Centers Patiently Await Soda Tax Relief,” by Tyler Horst. | Photo: Tyler Horst

From “Flexible Flyer Factory Glides Into Obscurity,” by Robert Masciantonio. | Photo: Robert Masciantonio

From “Marked Potential: St. Andrew’s Collegiate Chapel,” by Shila Griffith. | Photo: Michael Bixler

From “The National Parks: America’s Best In Show,” by Bradley Maule. | Photo: Bradley Maule

From “Decidedly Different West Philly Twins,” by Starr Herr Cardillo. | Photo: Starr Herr Cardillo

From “Inside Pennsylvania Hospital’s Little Seen Original Building,” By Chandra Lampreich. | Photo: Chandra Lampreich

From “Stuck Inside Of Mt. Airy With The Center City Blues,” by Bradley Maule. | Photo: Bradley Maule

From “The Generations Collide On Fabric Row,” by Theresa Stigale. | Photo: Theresa Stigale

From “Photographer Captures The Evolution Of Ruins With 4 Years/40 Walls,” by Michael Bixler. | Photo: John Bendel

From “I Walked the Line: Exploring Philadelphia’s Borders One Step At A Time,” by Ann de Forrest. | Photo: Adachi Pimentel

From “Inside SEPTA’s Unused Underground Concourse, To Be Restored,” by Samantha Smyth and Chandra Lampreich. | Photo: Chandra Lampreich

From “Requiem For A Moderne Gem, William Penn Annex Post Office,” by Ann de Forrest. | Photo: Michael Bixler

From “Berned Out On The Doorstep Of The DNC,” by Michael Bixler. | Photo: Michael Bixler

From “The Blum Come Down,” by Bradley Maule. | GIF by Bradley Maule


About the Author

Hidden City Staff This article was produced in collaboration with the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and written by Patrick Glennon. Located at 1300 Locust Street and open to the public Tuesdays through Fridays, HSP is one of the nation’s largest archives of historical documents, with over 21 million manuscripts, books, and graphic images encompassing centuries of US history. Find upcoming public programs, start your own research project, and learn more about HSP.

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  1. Jim Clark says:

    Wonderful pictures of the city, thank you. I hope you make your donations goal.

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