Long Delayed, The Bridge To Break Ground In Old City


A rendering of Gluck+'s design for the Bridge

A rendering of Gluck+’s design for the Bridge

  • The twenty-one-year-old mosaic compass circling the courtyard of City Hall, itself the center of Thomas Holme and William Penn’s plan for Philadelphia, is being restored by the Mural Arts Program, says NewsWorks. A substantial amount of sealant will be used to preserve the piece, with an additional product being added to prevent pedestrian slips.
  • Billy Penn poses an under-considered question: just how many people can the Benjamin Franklin Parkway physically hold? Applying the rule of two-square-feet per body, the blog tells us that 718,740 (46% of the city’s estimated population in 2013) can fit—uncomfortably—on the Parkway itself while 1,894,860 (122% of 2013 population) can squeeze in when adjoining open areas are included.
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Stephen Currall recently received his BA in history from Arcadia University. Before beginning doctoral studies, he is pursuing his interest in local history, specifically just how Philadelphians engage their vibrant past. Besides skimming through 18th century letters, Steve is also interested in music and travel.

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  1. Yeah great sit on a parking lot for 15 years or whatever, then finally build something after you get the councilman to right a special piece of legislation for you so you can build a monstrosity and make a pile of money, while blocking everybody else’s view who actually lived there in the meantime and did something with their properties.

  2. The old Engine 10 firehouse – if it is being converted to a single family house, what is the hold up of the work by L and I? Wish someone took the time to take a look at the notice. L and I likes to make mountains out of molehills for little reason other than to assert its power.

  3. That is one butt ugly building.

  4. What we also need in addition to the refurbishment of the mosaic at City Hall is to remove the bricks as they get cracked up and replace it with grey concrete in order to not detract from City Hall. Once done, then we will be done with the center of City Hall.

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