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From The Annals Of City Administration: Introducing The SuperCube

March 19, 2015 | by Nicolas Esposito



Mandatory 10 minute yoga stretch on the hour, every hour, at the SuperCube | Photo: Michael Bixler

For Immediate Release

I am proud to announce that the city’s newest coworking space has just opened…at the Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation (PPR) on the 10th Floor of One Parkway. The “SuperCube,” as coworking members are branding it, is the new home of the PPR Tree Philly Team as well as a place where I can sit down at our handmade table, and conduct my sustainable land care trainings for PPR. Supercube founder and Tree Philly manager Erica Smith says, “We formed the SuperCube because a more open space without cubicle walls allows our creativity and ideas to flow in a more natural way.” And even though the office is only 50 square feet, the creativity is a-flowing. This coworking space only accepts members who work at PPR and is currently at capacity. However, SuperCube coworkers invite anyone stopping by for a meeting on the 10th floor to drop in and renew their faith that ideas from the outside world do in fact penetrate city government.


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Nicolas Esposito Nic Esposito is an urban farmer, novelist and founder of The Head and the Hand Press. He lives on his urban homestead in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. Nic's new book Kensington Homestead was released by The Head & The Hand Press in November 2014.

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