Year Four Of The Hidden City Daily? We Need Your Help

November 13, 2014 | by Hidden City Staff


Hidden City Daily contributors 2011-14 | Photo composite: Peter Woodall

Hidden City Daily contributors 2011-14 | Photo composite: Peter Woodall

Today we launch the third annual reader campaign for the Hidden City Daily. We must raise $15,000 by December 9, but our real goal is $20,000. That’s just 200 contributions of $100. (You can take care of that right away, HERE.)

Seems easy, right? Maybe it will be. But publishing the Daily is getting harder and harder and here’s why: foundation support for community journalism is down substantially. Corporate sponsorships have fallen too. Journalism in general is undergoing massive upheaval.

So we depend on you, our readers. Contribute $70 to the campaign and become a Curious level member. For $150, we’ll make you an Adventurous level member and for $300 an Intrepid member or donate from $25 to $1,000 to receive various campaign perks. This year we’ve focused on bringing more value to your memberships with dozens of tours available to members at a discount.

Funds you contribute to Hidden City directly support our writers, photographers, and editors. These are the folks–in the photo composite above–who make the Daily happen every day.

But we know supporting Hidden City isn’t an economic decision. You’re a reader because you love this city, as we do, and you value the high quality writing and photography we deliver every week. You love to explore and discover, you love to learn. We’re your key to the city.

Please help sustain us another year. We can promise we’ll make it worth your while.

Click HERE to go directly to our campaign at Indiegogo. Watch the beautiful video made for us by the gentlemen of Anchor Network and underwritten by Allitia DiBernardo, a member of the Hidden City board, and think about what Hidden City means to you.

To a great 2015!

Michael, Bradley, Pete, Nathaniel, co-editors


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