A Peek Inside Cunningham Piano

September 11, 2014 | by Peter Woodall


Joseph E.B. Elliott, the photographer for both Hidden City festivals, has been documenting some of Philadelphia’s historic industrial firms over the past few years. He’s shot Wayne Mills, Crescent Iron, Stortz & Sons Tools and most recently, as luck would have it, Cunningham Piano, a Germantown institution and subject of yesterday’s story by Maria Gorshin in the Hidden City Daily. Cunningham actually occupies two buildings: a showroom in a former Masonic Hall on Germantown Avenue, and a workshop around the corner on Coulter Street in a former casket warehouse. The first set of photos is from the workshop, the second from the showroom. If you’re wondering why there are pictures of what looks like an antique store from the showroom building, it’s because Cunningham co-owner Tim Oliver works with a local opera company that uses the hall’s upstairs theater space as a prop room. As if the building wasn’t cool enough already!

The Cunningham Workshop on Coulter Street. Click any thumbnail to launch gallery.

Upstairs in the Cunningham building in a former Masonic Hallon Germantown Avenue. Click any thumbnail to launch gallery.


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