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My Favorite Place: Smith Memorial Playground

June 13, 2014 | by Meredith Nutting


For a short history of Smith Memorial Playground, click HERE


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Meredith Nutting Meredith Nutting is a freelance filmmaker originally from the DC Metro Area. Since finishing her Biology/Studio Art degree at Bates College she has worked on film productions for National Geographic, History Channel and Animal Planet.


  1. Jay Schwartz says:

    I first learned of this place through Ron Avery’s excellent 1991 book PHILADELPHIA BEYOND THE LIBERTY BELL, which taught me about the Wagner Free Institute of Science and other hidden gems. However, when I last attempted to show someone the historic (1899?) slide at Smith Memorial Playground, I was dismayed to learn that they now enforce a strict “no adults without children” rule. So don’t go as a tourist/sightseer/local history fan unless you have a child in tow, or enjoy being viewed as a predator. I guess times have changed, but I’d hope they have some supervision that would make that rule unnecessary.

  2. Dick Wexelblat says:

    One of my earliest school memories is our 2nd grade class taking a chartered trolley car (yes, trolley car) from Bryant School at 60th & Cedar to Smith Playground (no Memorial in the name yet). That would have been 1945 or so. The strongest memory is sliding down the wooden sliding board on a randomly torn piece of burlap.

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