Fall Hidden City Campaign Hits Goal!

November 22, 2013 | by Nathaniel Popkin



As we’ve said several times over the last two weeks, we love producing the Hidden City Daily and we love taking our readers to fascinating places–in print and person.

And so we are grateful for your support of our campaign, which crossed the $10,000 mark Friday afternoon. By raising money this way, we have saved money and demonstrated to institutional funders that we can be sustained. In this uncertain era for journalism, it’s a very big deal.

We thank you and appreciate your continued and enduring support.


About the Author

Nathaniel Popkin Hidden City Daily co-founder Nathaniel Popkinā€™s latest novel, "The Year of the Return," explores race and loss in a year of upheaval, 1976. His book To "Reach the Spring: From Complicity to Consciousness in an Age of Eco-Crisis" is forthcoming in December 2020.

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