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June 12, 2013 | by Bradley Maule


Erik Friedlander | Photo: Markus Lackinger

Erik Friedlander | Photo: Markus Lackinger

Happy hump day, y’all. From our midweek perch, we’ve got a clear view from the middle of the festival. Now officially at halfway point for the Hidden City Festival 2013, we’re looking eagerly to weekend #4. Or rather, with two concerts planned—one tonight and one Saturday—we’re listening to weekend #4.

This evening, the Radical Jewish Music series continues at Shivtei Yeshuron-Ezras Israel with a performance by cellist Erik Friedlander’s Volac. With compositions from John Zorn’s Book Of Angels: Masada, Volume Two, Friedlander will light up the Little Shul with his take on the cello. As Pitchfork described in review of his 2004 album Maldoror, “Erik Friedlander can do things with a cello that should have a reasonable listener fearing for her life. Rostropovich one second and Rottweiler the next, Friedlander is a credible threat, working over the poet’s perverse logic with power tools.”

The concert is tonight, 7pm, at Shivtei Yeshuron (2015 S. 4th St.). Tickets are available but we expect it to sell out, as it’s a very intimate venue. You can purchase them HERE.

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Mux Mool | Image: Data Garden

Mux Mool | Image: Data Garden

Then on Saturday, plan to get hysterical at the Historical Society of Frankford. Data Garden’s A/V Archaeology installation merges history with modern technology, often with historical items on site at the Society. Contemporary Archives, the Data Garden curated concert this this Saturday, features “performers who make use of media in digital archives as source material for the creation of new work.”

Philly’s Chris Powell, fresh off a tour man manning the drums for Man Man, opens the show with the prismatic vibes of his Spaceship Aloha. Jacob 2-2 then mashes lush synths and big bass with his brand of Brooklyn. Fellow Brooklynite Mux Mool headlines the show, bringing his Moongadget electronic blend to the decks and laptop.

The artists will draw from the likes of Youtube and to craft new sounds. As with the last concert, Daniel Rehn will provide visuals, this time with augmented photos from the Historical Society of Frankford’s 19th century photo collection. Art in the Age of Mechanical Production will generously provide complimentary Root n’ Gingers, made with their Root spirit.

Contemporary Archives is at 7pm this Saturday, at the Historical Society of Frankford (1507 Orthodox Street). Purchase tickets HERE.


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