June 23, 2013 | by Jack McCarthy

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Jack McCarthy Jack McCarthy is a certified archivist and longtime Philadelphia area archival/historical consultant. He is currently directing a project for the Historical Society of Pennsylvania focusing on the archival collections of the Philadelphia region’s many small historical institutions. He recently concluded work as consulting archivist and researcher for the audio documentary Going Black: The Legacy of Philly Soul Radio and as consulting archivist for the Philadelphia Orchestra’s 2012-2013 Leopold Stokowski centennial celebration. Jack has a master’s degree in music history from West Chester University and is particularly interested in the history of Philadelphia music. He is also involved in Northeast Philadelphia history. He is Co-founder of the Northeast Philadelphia History Network and serves as Director of the Northeast Philadelphia Hall of Fame.


  1. Sandra Eaton says:

    while visiting Pennypack in search of my ancestry, I came up on this church taking lots of pictures durning my visit.
    Rev Joseph Eaton my 6th great grand father and his family was part in the founding of this great place. I never knew about this Baptismal Rock till now. I knew of the Annvirsary coming up in June of last year but was unable to go. Thank you in sharing this bit of history. Would like to add some of your notes to my Eaton book, due to print in july 2014 if I may.
    Thank you
    Sandra Eaton,

    Henry and Florence (Hooker) Eaton, Linus and Bertha (Barker) Eaton, Joseph and Juliette (Forster) Eaton, Edward and Eliza (Cole) Elizabeth (Van Velzer) Eaton, Edward and Esther (Kinnard) Eaton, John and Martha (Todd) Eaton, Rev Joseph and Gwen (Morgan) Eaton

  2. Jack McCarthy says:

    Glad you found it interesting. Feel free to use the article for your publication. I would just ask that you properly creidt me. Jack McCarthy

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