At Bok Tech, School’s Out Forever

June 21, 2013 | by Katrina Ohstrom


The halls of hindsight | Photo: Katrina Ohstrom

The halls of hindsight | Photo: Katrina Ohstrom

Editor’s Note: Hidden City Katrina Ohstrom is one of a handful of artists who’ve rallied to document the final days of the 23 public schools which close their doors for good this afternoon. She’s been shooting Edward W. Bok Technical High School at Ninth & Mifflin in South Philadelphia.

Click any of the sixteen photos below to launch the gallery. To see more from a thorough series from Bok Tech, visit her blog HERE. To see more of Katrina’s work, visit her web site HERE.


About the Author

Katrina Ohstrom Katrina Ohstrom moved to Philadelphia nearly a decade ago where, constantly armed with at least one camera, she goes about her daily business and photographs anything that catches her eye. Her ongoing documentary projects include visual catalogs of the post-industrial wonderland that exists within the city she calls home, sub-sub underground experimental music and it’s players, and the humans behind the scenes in cat and dog show culture. In her spare time she enjoys, collecting animal skulls, conspiracy theories, gardening and long walks with her dog.

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  1. Joel Leson says:

    We who went to South Philly High used to say, “Got to Bok and B-O-K.”I graduated from SPHS in 1961. Back then the majority of the school’s students were from Italian and Jewish-American
    families.Chubby Checker (real name Ernie Evans)and Fabian Forte were our classmates. It seems like yesterday.

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