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Aerial Ballet Coming To The Schuylkill The Next Two Sundays

June 13, 2013 | by Hidden City Staff


And we'll go swingin' | Image: Alie + the Brigade

And we’ll go swingin’ | Image: Alie + the Brigade

This Sunday night, as you’re winding down from a weekend of Hidden City Festival going, take the scenic route home down Kelly Drive and plan on stopping at the Strawberry Mansion Bridge for something different. With Invisible River, Alie + the Brigade and friends will ring in summer with a performance of song, sculpture, and soaring ballet.

A choir of nine singers will perform numbers by Elliott Harvey (A Stick and a Stone) while dancers will turn the 116 year old bridge into a trapeze theater, as Alie Vidich choreographs an aerial ballet with two dancers swinging and interacting from the bridge on their way into the Schuylkill River, where they’ll swim to the shore.

Invisible River is free, and is the next two Sundays only, June 16 and June 23, at 8pm on the Strawberry Mansion Bridge. A pre-show dinner is being offered both nights, and the $150 ticket covers six people for a picnic dinner and a good cause. For more info, see Alie + the Brigade’s web site HERE, or check the event’s Facebook page HERE.


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  1. Alie Vidich says:

    Thank you so much for posting this!! I can’t wait to see you at the river this weekend 🙂 xx Alie

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