Clarke’s Municipal Advertising Bill Passed, But Will Nutter Step In Line?


photo: bighandking, via Curbed Philly

photo: bighandking, via Curbed Philly

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Stephen Currall recently received his BA in history from Arcadia University. Before beginning doctoral studies, he is pursuing his interest in local history, specifically just how Philadelphians engage their vibrant past. Besides skimming through 18th century letters, Steve is also interested in music and travel.

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  1. WeBuiltThisCity

    Too bad Inga didn’t call out the ZBA even further. They are granting out variances for garages when the zoning code makes them illegal, and when the developers are not presenting an economic hardship. A hardship does not mean “I can’t maximize my profit” it means “this lot is not economically viable as currently zoned”. There is no lawyer in the world who could defend the latter as a reason to put a garage on a rowhome in a viable neighborhood where homes consistently sell without garages.

    The ZBA is acting illegally and should be challenged in court every time they do. Do not blame developers. Blame the ZBA. They are not following the law and the city suffers as a result. If the City won’t fight for us, they need to be challenged in a court of law and with financial ramifications.

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