map 1802

April 27, 2013 | by Dennis Carlisle (AKA GroJLart)

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GroJ Lart Dennis Carlisle (AKA GroJLart) is a former Hidden City contributor and the anonymous foulmouthed blogger of Philaphilia, where he critiques Philadelphia architecture, history, and design. He resides in Washington Square West. Carlisle has contributed to Naked Philly, the Philadelphia City Paper's Naked City Blog, and Philadelphia Magazine's Property Blog. He is currently an employee of developer Ori Feibush, owner of OCF Realty.

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  1. Noël Johnston says:

    This is a great little map! Thanks. While I don’t agree with some of the items in the Coat(e)s part of the article “Amidst a Redeveloping Waterfront…” , I thought it was fascinating anyway. Hidden City is most enjoyable.



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