The Metropolitan Opera House Revisited

October 16, 2012 | by Hidden City Staff


Editor’s Note: Eric Blumenfeld has turned into Philly’s own architectural white knight of late, saving beautiful buildings in distress. He recently purchased the Divine Lorraine, and the Inquirer reports that he’s working with the owners of the Metropolitan Opera House to restore the historic structure. The project is still only in the talking stage, but even that constitutes progress–Blumenfeld is the first developer we can recall going public with even a hint of interest in the decaying behemoth on North Broad Street.

Photo: Chandra Lampreich, 2012

Detail on the proscenium arch | Photo: Chandra Lampreich, 2012

Photo: Chandra Lampreich, 2012

Photo: Joseph E.B. Elliiott, 2009

Photo: Joseph E.B. Elliott, 2009

Photo: Joseph E.B. Elliott, 2009

Photo: Joseph E.B. Elliott


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