A Subway Stop in Bloom

October 12, 2012 | by Hidden City Staff

“Where were you guys a couple weeks ago?” the maintenance man said when he saw us taking photos this morning at the Spring Garden subway station. “It was really pretty at first, but now it’s been walked on so much,” he said. We were also too late for Wednesday’s DesignPhiladelphia event,  “Transformation/Underground Stations,” featuring the artist, Margery Amdur.

Yet Amdur’s installation, “Looking Glass,” still looks fantastic to us, so we thought we’d take a look anyway. Inspired by a paint-by-numbers kit for Vicent Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers,” Amdur has turned Spring Garden Station into something, well, almost garden-like. To make the installation, Amdur had her drawings translated into a digital format, then printed on fabric, and finally embedded in industrial resin. For more on the project, click HERE. Now if we could just get installations commissioned for the other 20 stations on the Broad Street Line…

Photo: Hidden City Daily

Photo: Hidden City Philadelphia

Photo: Hidden City Daily

Photo: Hidden City Daily

Photo: Hidden City Daily


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