In The Silence Of Mt. Sinai

June 18, 2012 | by Nicholas Phillippi


Editor’s Note: The Shadow’s story on Mt. Sinai Hospital created a great deal of reader response. Folks wanted to get a peak inside (and meanwhile Naked Philly reports some progress toward redevelopment). New contributor Shadowbat delivers with this short photo essay on the empty “Mountain of South Philly.”



  1. Mike Post says:

    The developer is named Billy Eisenberg you should talk to him if you want to find out whats going on he’s a nice guy he will probably tell you. He is actively planning an apartment development from what I’ve heard.

  2. TheyLive says:

    This place is used as a police or military training facility. Some rooms have targets hanging up with paint rounds splattered on them, in the basement/morgue area there has been live ammunition used.

  3. Shadowbat says:

    That is true! I grabbed pretty much all of them on my last trip there however….

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