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X Marks The?

February 1, 2012 | by Nathaniel Popkin

Photo: Nathaniel Popkin

Having spotted this stone X below the Walnut Street Bridge we wondered if it was, perhaps, a piece of functional art?

Actually, it’s neither functional–the stone paths lead nowhere–nor is it art. The X was installed by Brandywine Realty Trust as a placeholder for a future mixed-use development on the site, at the northeast corner of 30th and Walnut. (Recent developments, we’ve noticed, have created the potential for an active commercial district on 30th between Market and Walnut.)

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Photo: P183/Rex Images

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more challenging urban art interventions, take a minute to peruse the work of Moscow artist Pavel, or P183, as he is know. Some call him the Russian Banksy, but I see something here that simmers at a higher temperature. Click to a slideshow of his work HERE.


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