An Abandoned Restaurant & Diverging Visions For Venice Island

  •  Carmella’s Restaurant on Manayunk’s Venice Island has been closed since 2004, and now serves as an orange canvas for graffiti and other signs of squalor. Developer Dan Neducsin (who proposes building an apartment complex in its place) and the Manayunk Neighborhood Council are now in the midst of a legal battle to determine the future of the space.
  • The education woes of the city as a whole are offset by those of the Northeast, where schools are “bursting at the seams,” with school capacity at 94% (the average is 67% and the ideal is 80%). While many would prefer to see the construction of more schools in the area, it might be more realistic to be creative in more effectively using the limited space of the facilities available.
  • Newsworks talks to Bob Gorgone, who, having worked at the Navy Yard refitting ships, now promotes the transition of the area into burgeoning office park. The Mustin homes, built to house such workers, are currently being demolished to make way for warehouses and ship terminals. For Laura Kicey’s “Last Light” covering the Mustin homes, click HERE.
  • The Daily News reports on the very real effects of inadequate parking for the Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church at 23rd & Fitzwater in G-Ho. With new construction and unwelcome neighbors, the church’s attendance plummeted, forced a sale of its property and a move to a new (parking-friendly) location in Tioga-Nicetown.
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Stephen Currall recently received his BA in history from Arcadia University. Before beginning doctoral studies, he is pursuing his interest in local history, specifically just how Philadelphians engage their vibrant past. Besides skimming through 18th century letters, Steve is also interested in music and travel.

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