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November 4, 2011 | by Peter Woodall


The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center’s (PPAC) Philly Photo Day received a staggering 900 submissions, triple last year’s total. Every photo will be printed and displayed at the Crane Arts Building, 1400 N. American Street. Opening reception will be Thursday, Nov. 10th from 6-9 PM. Buy a print of any photo for $25–it’s a heck of a deal and supports a great cause in PPAC. And check out a second round ¬†of great photos we’ll publish Monday.


About the Author

Peter Woodall Peter Woodall is the Project Director of Hidden City Philadelphia. He is a graduate of the UC Berkeley School of Journalism, and a former newspaper reporter with the Biloxi Sun Herald and the Sacramento Bee. He worked as a producer for Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane and wrote a column about neighborhood bars for

One Comment:

  1. Amy says:

    Hope everyone is staying safe. I took part in several early 2000 submission of pictures
    in your programs.
    First, can you tell me why my name is not with the photograph? Also, do you have any books left from any of the Philly photo day..I took the picture of the two individuals, one with a shopping cart with the background of a mural illustrating a neighborhood. The essence is, obviously, the present day embraced in the past. Your response is appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Amy M. Lipson

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