Two Month Wait For The #15 Trolley

October 25, 2011 | by Mike Szilagyi
Girard Av trolley at Frankford Av

Photo: Mike Szilagyi

A classic Philadelphia scene will be missing for two months as Girard Avenue’s fleet of 1947-built streamlined PTC trolley cars are removed from service and replaced by diesel buses.

SEPTA will replace four blocks of track in West Philadelphia. The work is scheduled for October 30 to December 24.

When SEPTA removed trolleys from Girard Avenue in 1992, it took thirteen years to bring them back. Let’s see if they can improve their performance this time.


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Mike Szilagyi Mike Szilagyi was born in the Logan neighborhood of Philadelphia, and raised in both Logan and what was the far edge of suburbia near Valley Forge. He found himself deeply intrigued by both the built landscape and by the natural “lay of the land.” Where things really get interesting is the fluid, intricate, multi-layered interface between the two.

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