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In Strawberry Mansion, Making The Case For Adaptive Reuse

In Strawberry Mansion, Making The Case For Adaptive Reuse

April 15, 2015  |  Soapbox

To Hidden City contributor Oscar Beisart, the 100-year old Metropolitan Garage in Strawberry Mansion is as unique as it it is oddly charming. Although demolition permits have already been issued, Beisert thinks that a bold reuse of the building just might be the kind of creative investment the neighborhood needs > more

A Look At Temple University's Demolition History

A Look At Temple University’s Demolition History

March 18, 2015  |  Vantage

Philadelphia preservationists have taken a wrecking ball to the gut in recent days, with the Boyd Theatre currently coming down and the fate of the legendary Blue Horizon sealed by the Philadelphia Historical Commission's choice to not designate its interior. Meanwhile, just up North Broad Street, Temple University is in the midst of a demolition spree, in some cases with no plans to replace what it's knocking down. Rachel Hildebrandt surveys what's been lost through almost 70 years of campus expansion > more

Penn Takes

Penn Takes “Collage” Approach To Preservation With Perry World House

March 6, 2015  |  Vantage

Not every historic building in the city can be saved, though total demolition doesn't have to be the final answer either. Co-editor Michael Bixler looks at a third way at Perry World House, now under construction, in conversation with University of Pennsylvania campus architect David Hollenberg > more

With East Market Stirring, Girard Square Sheds Its Skin

With East Market Stirring, Girard Square Sheds Its Skin

February 18, 2015  |  Last Light

Demolition of 1100 Market Street is entering its last phase as the block makes way for East Market, a 17 story residential tower and urban retail village that aims to transform the area into a showplace for the city. Hidden City co-editor Michael Bixler went down to the site to grab these parting shots of the building and its storefronts as they quickly evaporate into memory > more

Travels Through The Ghost City

Travels Through The Ghost City

December 19, 2014  |  Last Light

The wrecking ball and the crane seem to be the symbols of the year as Philadelphia's built landscape changes--in some places at a furious pace. Architect Andrew Evans has been paying attention--his time-lapse images capture the process as the new replaces the old > more