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Marked Potential: Graffiti Pier

Marked Potential: Graffiti Pier

March 9, 2017  |  Marked Potential

Shila Griffith is back with a new edition of Marked Potential. In this month's proposal she envisions Graffiti Pier as the city's next great public park > more

Inside SEPTA's Unused Underground Concourse, To Be Restored

Inside SEPTA’s Unused Underground Concourse, To Be Restored

December 2, 2016  |  Last Light

The Center City Concourse, a network of underground pedestrian walkways, has sat empty and largely unused for decades. But big plans are in the works to reopen and reanimate the dead space. Samantha Smyth and Chandra Lampreich takes us into the abandoned tunnels with this photo essay > more

Mount Moriah Now Under New Management

Mount Moriah Now Under New Management

September 22, 2014  |  Buzz

Mount Moriah Cemetery Preservation Corporation takes over stewardship of the long-neglected cemetery > more

The Phantom Station

The Phantom Station

December 17, 2012  |  Last Light

The trains don't stop anymore at the Spring Garden subway station on SEPTA's Broad-Ridge spur, but one of our intrepid photographers managed to take a closer look, and brought back this photo portrait > more

Abandoned Schools

Abandoned Schools “Catastrophes Waiting To Happen”

December 7, 2011  |  Morning Blend

The city controller's call to demolish eight abandoned schools, Point Breeze residents feeling betrayed, a look at another LEED building in University City, and Chelten Plaza's story > more