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The Devil Is The Detail

The Devil Is The Detail

July 29, 2015  |  Vantage

"Notorious" Devil's Pool? The most beloved place in the Wissahickon may suffer abuse and indignity every summer, but they are no match for its beauty and physiologic significance. Brad Maule defends the natural landmark > more

Misplaced Philadelphia: The Double Arch Of Park Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church

Misplaced Philadelphia: The Double Arch Of Park Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church

July 22, 2015  |  Vantage

Where do the architectural remnants of a razed building go? Often into a landfill or salvaged and sold for profit. Though, like Monument Cemetery's headstones serving as riprap under the Betsy Ross Bridge, sometimes pieces of the city's past end up in strange places. Larry Arrigale takes us to Ambler where he discovered the overgrown resting place of a double arch from a 127 year old North Philadelphia church > more

Market Talk: Exploring South Philly's Italian Dialect

Market Talk: Exploring South Philly’s Italian Dialect

July 17, 2015  |  Vantage

What is the heck is a brahzhoot? While fading, the unique pronunciations of certain Italian food and the dialect of Philadelphia's Italian community endures on South 9th Street. Emma Jacobs takes us down to the Italian Market to examine the phenomenon. > more

Tracing The Live-Work Divide In Philadelphia's Police Force

Tracing The Live-Work Divide In Philadelphia’s Police Force

July 10, 2015  |  Vantage

Discussion has grown in the media lately regarding law enforcement's detachment and potential bias for the neighborhoods they patrol when they commonly call home elsewhere, particularly in larger cities. In Philadelphia, where police officers lived at the turn of the century looks dramatically than it does today. David Hilbert dove into the City Archives to compare the residential zip codes of the Philadelphia's police force in 1925 and wonders if the migration toward the Northeast and elsewhere has eroded an inner city connection to communities they protect > more

Mister 1801 Of Delancey Place

Mister 1801 Of Delancey Place

July 8, 2015  |  Vantage

Philadelphia leads the nation in off beat residential window displays. In neighborhoods like East Passyunk and Point Breeze it is almost a requirement, be it a quirky collection of ceramic dolphins and family photos, Beanie Babies, religious iconography, or Phillies memorabilia and the family pet. One such display on Delancey Place in Rittenhouse Square stops pedestrians square in their tracks with a bronze gladiator statue and an endearing commitment to wit. Hidden City contributor Karen Chernick takes a peek behind the bay window to give us the story of Mister 1801 > more