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Harry Kyriakodis

Harry Kyriakodis, author of Philadelphia's Lost Waterfront (2011), Northern Liberties: The Story of a Philadelphia River Ward (2012) and The Benjamin Franklin Parkway (2014), regularly gives walking tours and presentations on unique yet unappreciated parts of the city. A founding/certified member of the Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides, he is a graduate of La Salle University and Temple University School of Law, and was once an officer in the U.S. Army Field Artillery. He has collected what is likely the largest private collection of books about the City of Brotherly Love: over 2700 titles new and old.

A City Of Music Now--And Then

A City Of Music Now–And Then

August 29, 2013  |  Harry K's Encyclopedia

With Made in America intended to stamp Philly a "city of music," Harry K dips into his Encyclopedia to uncover an ambitious city project: the early 1930s Municipal Bureau of Music--and its short-lived but widespread impact on Philadelphians > more

Obit For A NoLibs House Of Worship

Obit For A NoLibs House Of Worship

August 12, 2013  |  Harry K's Encyclopedia

The former Second Baptist Church on New Market Street--for decades obscured by a thick coat of stucco and home to the AA Fence Co.--is slated for demolition. Which makes the time ripe for a a look at the building's history, courtesy Harry K's Encyclopedia > more

Sabbatarian Chains of the City

Sabbatarian Chains of the City

July 15, 2013  |  Harry K's Encyclopedia

The Chain Act of Pennsylvania empowered the religious society of Philadelphia to fasten heavy chains across the street near their churches and meeting houses so that no horseman or vehicle could pass during the hours of Sunday worship. The law went into effect in 1798 as one of the Sunday blue laws of Pennsylvania. It took over thirty years to repeal the Chain Act, after the Sunday chains caused much irritation among the populace > more

Recollections Of The Pier 34 Disaster

Recollections Of The Pier 34 Disaster

June 10, 2013  |  Harry K's Encyclopedia

In light of the building collapse at 22nd & Market Streets, Harry K. gives us his personal recollections of Pier 34 South collapse back in 2000, complete with a similar story of a property owner's disregard for safety and the ineptitude of construction managers > more

The Power Plant Previously At Paine's Park

The Power Plant Previously At Paine’s Park

June 3, 2013  |  Harry K's Encyclopedia

Harry K gives us the history of the Paine's Park site, once an industrial area along the Schuylkill River's eastern bank that was filled with manufacturing facilities, including the electrical generating plant of the Hestonville, Mantua & Fairmount Passenger Railway, later taken over by the Philadelphia Electric Company > more