Plans Revealed For $16.5 Million LOVE Park Redesign


Rendering of LOVE Park redesign proposal, facing northwest | Hargreaves Associates

Rendering of LOVE Park redesign proposal, facing northwest | Hargreaves Associates

  • Designers from Hargreaves Associates and Kieran Timberlake presented their plan for a $16.5 million overhaul of LOVE Park last night, ahead of a final presentation to the Art Commission next Wednesday. Plan Philly’s Ashley Hahn takes us through the alterations, intended to open up the iconic public space, generally by replacing granite with grass, steps with slope. “The plan for LOVE Park,” Hahn goes on, “looks like the painter Piet Mondrian was allowed to take a crack at urban landscape design – strong, layered geometries are articulated through a bold palette of texture and color. Different zones in the park are articulated through paving and plant selections, adding depth to the otherwise straightforward plan – and the designers are not afraid to use color.” Kieran Timberlake is handling the reuse of the mid-century “Flying Saucer” Welcome Center. Although its dome proved to be too thin to support a green roof, inside its ceiling is to include a geometric mural by Seattle-based artists Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan, called Chromoscope.
  • Another seven artists with connections to Philadelphia were commemorated yesterday afternoon on the Avenue of the Arts, receiving plaques on the Walk of Fame just outside of the Kimmel Center, reports NewsWorks. After 23 years the Hollywood-esque promenade has come full circle, with the induction of three-time Grammy winner The Roots, formed in 1987 at Philadelphia High School of Creative and Performing Arts and now performing nightly on the “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon, as co-founder and drummer Questlove joins his father, the doo-wop great Lee Andrews.
  • A half-year in, the Indego bike share program continues to surprise it managers with its impressive ridership numbers, but, noticing a relative lack of lower-income users (for which it was carefully designed to include), program and City officials are set to redouble their efforts to educate potential riders that the bikes are really just another transportation option—perhaps ancillary to SEPTA, but one that is both inexpensive, accessible, healthy, and fun.
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  1. About the fire at the Visitors Center, looks like it could be electrical. Hopefully building not structurally damaged. Options avail for replacement should it happen. My preference would be more green space. Great schematic drawing for new Love Park – guaranteed to be accepted November 4th by the Art Commission.

  2. Is there a place where we can look at the details of the LOVE Park renovation more closely? It’s difficult to tell if there is enough seating and if the redesign of the fountain allows for people, hopefully, to still sit along its edge. The redesigned Dilworth Plaza doesn’t have enough hardscaped seating (those colorful little chairs are a bit flimsy!) and I am hoping that the same fate doesn’t befall LOVE Park. I’m a little sad to see that the LOVE sculpture will be moved, as some of my best photos of the park show that sculpture, the fountain, and the art museum all in one shot. Here it looks like the background will be pretty generic-looking. All in all, though, I’m excited about the park being renovated, because it looks and feels pretty tired right now.

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