The Last Golden Hours Of Summer

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“Ben Franklin Bridge” by Gratefultographer

Well, you did us proud, dear readers. We gave you a month to capture your favorite golden hour and you reported back to us from all over the city with 165 brilliant transmissions. Not too shabby. You were also a huge help getting the word out and for that we are most grateful. Hats off to everyone.

The outcome of this little project radiates with a collective love for Philadelphia. Its fulfillment would not have been possible without your enthusiastic collaboration. Our civic esprit de corps is robust these days and it will continue to be the driving force behind everything that makes this reinvigorated city great. We look our best when we make strides together. Let’s keep that up.

Tonight at 10:29pm the Autumnal Equinox begins.  A crisp chill has already snuck its way into the early morning and evening air. The light is beginning to dim as we tilt away from the sun. The fall beckons and we must follow. Before you do, be sure to sit back for a minute or two, bask in the warm glow of the gallery below, and embrace these final hours of summer.

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Michael Bixler is a writer, photographer, and managing editor of Hidden City Daily. He is a former arts and entertainment reporter with Mountain Xpress weekly in Asheville, North Carolina and a native of South Carolina. Bixler has a keen interest in adaptive reuse, underappreciated architecture, contemporary literature and art, and forward-thinking dialogue about people and place.

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  1. Man, I love this city

  2. Beautiful photos. Bring on some autumn views!

  3. These are stunning.

  4. THIS is what makes my city so damn great!

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