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  1. I was born in West Philadelphia in 1949. Grew up in South Jersey (Hadonfield). Lived in Center City in the mid ’70’s. Always have identified myself as a Philadelphian.

    This documentary was an excellent reminder of what life was like in the latter half of the 20th century. Challenging times. Wonderful, resilient, proud people!

  2. Where are out wonderful, resilient, proud people of today?

    • I was raised on Washington Lane in the 60s. My father had a Volkswagon repair shop. I am still looking through every website I can find to contact old school friends who went to Houston Jr. high school, or Leeds. Is there anyone out there who could help me?

  3. My mother grew up on 313 Broad Street Center City,Penn. Her parents owned The Commodor Hotel. I’ve been looking for photographs of it, but can’t find any. She remembers so much about her beloved Center City. It would bring her great joy to see some photos. Can anyone help me find them? Thank you.

    • Richard Policastro

      The Blvd.Pools,were I learn to swim back in the fifties,aND dances in the 60’s, the lifeguard that taught me to swim name with Rudy I remember it like it was yesterday!!there was a two story sliding board in the big pool,and a 7footpool, and a 9foot,diving pool,great memories!!

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