Preservation/New Construction On South Broad Nears Completion

The site, prior to removal of the bank’s leaded glass windows. Photo: Rachel Hildebrandt

At Broad and Federal Streets, a 1920s bank and a vacant lot are being transformed into an office complex. When complete, the complex will house a branch of the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare.

The project, which involves rehabilitation of the bank’s exterior and construction of a glass-clad addition, is being developed by the Philadelphia Suburban Development Corporation (PSDC) and designed by Thomas Hall Architects.

We are glad that those involved opted to preserve the bank despite having no obligation to do so. Because the streetscape-enhancing bank is not on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places, it is not protected from demolition.

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Rachel Hildebrandt, a recent graduate of PennDesign, is a native Philadelphian who is passionate about the changing city she inhabits. Before beginning her graduate studies in historic preservation with a focus on policy, Rachel obtained a B.A. in Psychology from Chestnut Hill College and co-authored two books, The Philadelphia Area Architecture of Horace Trumbauer (2009) and Oak Lane, Olney, and Logan (2011). She currently works as a program associate at Partners for Sacred Places.

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  1. The Arts Parlor, where Headlong Dance Theater and the Headlong Performance Institute have their studio and office space, is right across the street from this project. I have been watching it intently over many months, and am very pleased with how it looks. It’s nice to see the juxtaposition of the old bank architecture with the shiny new glass-clad part of the building, and I was especially happy that the Welfare Dept. was so adventurous with their choices, instead of building yet another boring office building.
    Amy Smith

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