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Philadelphia is being taught in some 100 courses being offered this fall at Big Six* institutions. There is the usual Philly history, Philly politics, and classes on race, criminology, and studios in landscape architecture, preservation, and planning. But there are also these favorites, with Philadelphia as explicit subject or illustrative example:

AFAS 310. Women, Crime, & History (Drexel)
ART 227. Museums of Philadelphia (Lasalle)
SM 489. Africans Abroad: Emigrants, Refugees, and Citizens in the New African Diaspora (Penn)
SM 324. Strategies to Reduce Intergroup Tension in Multi-Cultural Settings (Penn)
IHS 256. HIV/AIDS: Sexuality, Money, Politics, Research, Public Health, and Ethics (St. Joes)
THE 363. Ignatius and the City: Jesuit Urban Missiology (St. Joes)
HIST 0849. Dissent in America (Temple)
LAS 2072. Puerto Ricans in Philadelphia (Temple)

*I’m following Inquirer Sports lead on this one, and including Drexel, a change that ought to be made official (a topic for another day). I left out quite a few institutions–including Arcadia, where I teach “Philadelphia Then and Now”–simply because I hadn’t enough time to go through every catalog. I am certain I’ve missed some creative offerings, so please let me know if you are teaching or taking something interesting.

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Nathaniel Popkin is co-editor of the Hidden City Daily and author of three books of non-fiction, including the forthcoming Philadelphia: Finding the Hidden City (Temple Press) and a novel, Lion and Leopard (The Head and the Hand Press). He is the senior writer of the film documentary "Philadelphia: The Great Experiment."

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